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Uses of Honey

Uses of Honey

Uses of Honey
  • As table honey
  • In cosmetics
  • As medicine
  • As food additive
  • As Food preservative
  • It is used in making alcohols, drinks, mead and beauty lotions.
  • It is used for stimulating milk yield in dairy cows.
  • It is used for increasing stamina of race horses.
  • It is used for fatting poultry and fish.
  • It is used as an ingredient of tobacco cigarette etc for improving flavor.
  • It is used as preservative for meat and various vegetables.
  • In laboratory it is used for stimulating plant growth and helps the rooting of cutting.
  • It is used as a component of many commercially manufactured pharmaceuticals products.
  • Honey is also used as a clarifying agent in fresh and fermented juices. Honey clarifies the fruit juice without affecting the natural pectins in them.
  • For dry cough, lick the mixture of raisins, black pepper and honey.
  • For tonsils, a cough lingtus prepared from ginger juice and honey can be consumed 3-4 times within 24 hours.
  • For a run down, tired or overworked person, a generous dollop of honey dissolved in hot milk can act as marvelous restorative.
  • For a clean healthy feeling throughout the day try a spoon of honey and juice of one lemon in a glass of hot water early every morning.
  • A face pack made of honey , lemon and egg white serves as an invaluable beauty aid.

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